tiistai 1. kesäkuuta 2010

My own experiences

I'm so grateful that I can share this with you!

I did not know how my life was going to change after I started taking alkaline water with green powder.

I thought I was living healthy - I was eating mostly organic food but at the same time I was feeling tired for years, had headaches and pain in my joints.

I had overweight, skin problems and every day I was feeling irritated or angry - often already when I woke up. I was sugar addicted and had candida.

I studied a lot around health issues and tried different diets. I knew I could not get all the vitamins and minerals from my food so I eat lot of supplements.

I tried to choose organic food products and started to check what my supplements are made of....I was surprised! Most of them had fructose, preservatives and other adhesives or additives. Why am I eating this crap?
I was trying to clean my body and at the same time I'm putting several unnatural items into my body! No way!

I wanted to find high quality organic supplement which is made of pure natural veggies.

My friend recommended this idea and at first I was very sceptic. I had tried several diets and didn't get any help.
I wanted to give a chance. I thought that what if these works on me and I won't try?

The science behind the products was also logical so I started.

I decided not to change my diet but only start to drink my Greens - first two liters and then three per day.

At the first day drinking my Greens I noticed how my energy level went up.

During the first two days I had a bit headache but learned that's cause my body is detoxifying. I noticed that my sugar cravings went down and I was not over-reacting so often.

After couple weeks I noticed that my skin is looking brighter and pain is gone - no headaches, no pain in the joints.

This was a miracle! At the same time I started to loose weight and in the first 5 weeks I lost 10 kgs!

Funny thing was that my cravings changed! Earlier my favorite snack was red wine and cheese and after that chocolate bar or ice cream - now I was craving more salads, avocado etc. I started to prepare pH balanced meals and have now a lot of delicious recipes and can't wait to share these with you!

This all happened after I started to change my body chemistry from acidic to alkaline. 

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